Who are we?

Art in Oisterwijk is a biennial manifestation by the foundation Art in Oisterwijk. The board of the foundation is experienced in business management, both inside and outside of the art sector. The board is chaired by Ton Nelissen and consists of Erik Kamps, Frans-Jozef Tabbers, Hein van Laarhoven and Frank Eerhart. Bert Huls is responsible for the execution and realisation of the projects.

Publicity & support

For the realization of a project of this scale, the commitment of many people is required. It is because of this that there is a strong cooperation with the local retailers and restaurants. We appeal to many people, amongst which a large group of volunteers, to increase the accessibility for the elderly and the disabled, for obtaining permits, for the shaping of the exhibition and to guide the visitors. We strongly believe that Art in Oisterwijk will generate a significant social involvement. It is an event that is open and accessible for all and will provides pleasure to everyone. Art in Oisterwijk will also set Oisterwij even more on the map. Through an extensive publicity program, the exhibition will also be brought to the public’s attention. Social media play an important role in our communication.

Visitor’s profile

Art in Oisterwijk expects to welcome in this year’s edition Me, Myself & Ik, a broad target group of visitors. Since there are many crossovers between visual arts, music and dance, young people receive special attention in the publicity plan. Not only visitors from the region are expected but because of the attractiveness of the high-quality of works at the exhibition, national and international exposure is guaranteed. Visitor numbers of 200.00 are taken into account for this 18 day event.

Application for sponsorship

Are you interested to become a sponsor of the event Art in Oisterwijk, edition Me, Myself & Ik? Please contact the foundation Art in Oisterwijk via info@artinoisterwijk.com.

Below you will find an overview of the sponsorship options.

   All amounts excluding VAT    Main sponsor
   € 15.000,00
   € 4.900,00
   € 500,00
   Invitation for the official opening    Yes    Yes    Yes
  Your name on the website    Logo + link    Name + Link    Name
   Full color add in the program book    Logo    Logo    Name
   Your name on the sponsor boards    Yes    Yes    Yes
   Your name in the signing event    Yes    No    No
   Your name in communication expressions    Yes    Yes    No
   Invitation for the Sponsor Night*    18 persons    6 persons    No

*Sponsor Night / Night of the Arts
This is a special and exclusive program organized for our sponsors only. We surprise our sponsor with an evening filled with gastronomic delights alternated with artistic elements. Beforehand there is a guided tour of the event site.