Theme & concept

In 3 weeks of 2017 June, Oisterwijk’s center will form the decor of the exhibition ‘Me, Myself & Ik. Identity is complex, it relates to public but also very personal aspects. From this point of view we will demonstrate what it means to juggle with imagination. It is also made visible what this implies for image and individuality, apparent identity and self-consciousness. What defines a person’s identity, citizenship, birthplace, cultural origin or the place where we live, work and love? The complexity of this matter inspires many artists and generates special art in different visual language. It is exactly this diversity, from national and international artists, that we put on display in this exhibition. Freely accessible for all and, based on previous experiences, Art in Oisterwijk will attract approx. 200.000 visitors.


Oisterwijk, the countermold of a number of surrounding cities and with its high degree of development, is par excellence the place where the interaction between man, art and environment can be organized. Oisterwijk would like to profile itself in the field of art and culture and, in the past, has demonstrated this quality. Traditionally, artists moved from the Dutch Randstad to Oisterwijk but in our days, it is also the venue where extraordinary entities such as the European Ceramic Work Center find a stage to develop and demonstrate. Oisterwijk has more than enough pillars to support an event like AIO.

On Display

During the event, in Oisterwijk’s de Lind and Lindeplein, magnificent art from various international and national artists will be on display. The full list of names is available on this website.

From facade to facade, he different public spaces will be decorated as full-fledged museum halls. A photo exhibition and a banner exhibition are also part of the event. In addition to this, a festival-like program with music and dance will give AIO an extra dimension.


AIO is organised by the foundation ‘Art in Oisterwijk’ with its experienced management that has earned its traces in the arts and culture sector. The board is chaired by Ton Nelissen and consists of Erik Kamps, Frans-Jozef Tabbers, Hein van Laarhoven and Frank Eerhart. Bert Huls is responsible for the execution and realisation of the projects.

This website will be updated frequently with new information about the event Art in Oisterwijk edition Me, Myself & Ik. Would you like to be kept informed about the recent developments? Please visit our website occasionally.