Voor Nederlands

Robbert Fortgens – NL.

For this presentation, the images that Fortgens brought with him from New York, were the starting point. Images that he combined using his characteristic self-reliance and placed in superposition to reach the soul. In recent years, Fortgens made photos of dozens of homeless people. This resulted in a fascinating series of self-portraits. Confronting images taken close to the skin and the spectator looks straight into the eyes of the portrayed. Example of identity in a metropolitan environment.

A drastic change in the approach is sometimes required in order to show the hidden, but true potential. Robbert Fortgens is a Dutch artist who’s revolutionized his style, moving from the realistic fine art of painting to devoting himself to the expressionistic way of painting, often going even further, engulfing his work in abstraction. It was a rapid and dramatic change, but it opened a world of possibilities for the artist to paint what he had always wanted to show. Even more, it allowed him to mix the painting with another passion of his – photography, creating unique looking pieces of art.