Weathered Venus (1990)

Voor Nederlands

Jim Dine – VS.

This large, almost oversized work of art is a tribute to the value of traditional sculpture. With a strong reference to the Milo’s Venus. By keeping parts of the work in an unfinished state, Jim Dine shows with this majestic piece that this abstraction leaves room for imagination. This is a style which was invented by Dine and has now been widely accepted.
Jim Dine is an American artist and poet known for his roles in both the formation of Conceptual Art “Happenings” and Pop Art. After moving to New York in 1958, Dine joined Allan Kaprow and Claes Oldenburg to stage their performance art interventions at sites downtown. He later gave up performing to concentrate on his painting practice, one that draws from a Pop sensibility toward imagery and commercial objects, yet Dine does not consider himself part of the movement. Pinocchio, hearts, bathrobes, and tools are motifs that reappear again and again in his colorful paintings, photographs, prints, and sculptures. “I grew up with tools. I came from a family of people who sold tools, and I’ve always been enchanted by these objects made by anonymous hands,” Dine has said. Born on June 16, 1935 in Cincinnati, OH, Dine now lives and works between New York, Paris, and Walla Walla, WA.