Opening hours Art in Oisterwijk

The exhibition in which all sculptures are presented, is open 24/7 in Oisterwijk’s Lind and Lindenplein. It is a very special spectacle and visitors are kindly requested to respect the night’s rest of the inhabitants.

Opening hours of the infopoint&museumshop

This central point will be open for visitors from Thursday June 1st – Sunday June 18th 2017 between 10:00 and 22:00 hours. You can obtain your programme book with a plan of the exhibition at the infopoint&museumshop.

Public transport

Oisterwijk is easily reached by public transport. If you travel by bus or by train, we advise you to use the railway station which is situated in the Spoorlaan. From there is only a 4 minute walk to the Art in Oisterwijk event using the Stationsstraat as a connection.

For detailed travel information we kindly refer to following apps or websites:
NS app (This app only provides info on train services)
9292 app (info on travel from door) (This app only provides info on train services) (info on travel from door)
* When usin 929 for train info, please use ‘Spoorlaan Oisterwijk’ as point of destination

First aid
During the weekends, a first aid post will be available in the Balbian Versterlaan. This post will be manned with two volunteers that can provide assistance to visitors and staff. The first aid post is open from 12:00 till 18:00 hours on following days:
–    Saturday June 3rd
–    Sunday June 4th
–    Monday June 5th
–    Friday June 9th
–    Saturday June 10th
–    Sunday June 11th
–    Saturday June 17th
–    Sunday June 18th

Car parking

Information will follow

Address of foundation Art in Oisterwijk Address of the infopoint&museumshop
Stichting Art in Oisterwijk Museumshop Art in Oisterwijk
Buitenplaats Tessloo De Lind 40
5062 AN Oisterwijk 5062 AN Oisterwijk
T: 013 – 528 28 84 T: 013 – 528 28 84 (voorlopig telefoonnummer)
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