Voor Nederlands

Gertie Bierenbroodspot – NL.

It was winter time. At Tetterode stone farm on the river Amstel, close to Amsterdam is my workshop, and there was this gigantic block of green granite – An Egyptian sarcophagus in the making. I decided to use this to create with the use of pneumatic drills and chain saws, an Atlantic sculpture, from the bottom of the ocean and dedicated to the lord of this sunken kingdom.
It kept on snowing and I had still had to work outdoors. My assistant whas a gypsy type of person who owns a small bronze foundry on Tetterode site. I made labyrinth-like ornaments in wax and we burned the fire for it.
Who could have imagined that the sculpture would be raised in the scorching heat of Marbella (Spain).

Only a possessed and courageous collector like Gerard M. took on the challenge…The sculpture spoke for him.